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I would like to introduce you to my niece. Say hello to Mary. Mary is six and a half years old and was born with a very rare genetic disorder called CardioFacioCutaneous Syndrome (CFC). Don't worry if you have never heard of it. According to one estimate, there are fewer than 500 known cases in... Continue Reading →

River Trip 2019

A while back, I wrote a post describing Time as the graph on which we map the trajectory of all action. It isn't the force or the line, only the measure. Not the body or the motion, only the medium. Not the actor or the play, only the stage. An ever changing stage. A river.... Continue Reading →

The Whisper in the Whirlwind

APRIL: So from now until September, I go on living … and healing … and waiting. MAY: Healing.  Shoulder still feels so strange.  Out of place.  The bones don't line up right.  Can't pick up a teapot.  Physiotherapist switches from massage to electro-shock therapy.  You should see a neurologist.  Muscle wastage.  Shoulder blade slipping to... Continue Reading →

River Trip 2014

After wrapping up my time in Kenya, and while visiting family in the US, different pieces of my world collided in such a way so as to precipitate an unexpected trip to the Congo.  Like the butterfly wings that start a monsoon: a chain reaction of tiny events happened at just the right time and... Continue Reading →

A Solstice of Repose

The apartment was empty, all the boxes safely stacked in storage, the odds-and-ends temporarily stashed in Jeannine's guest room, and the travel bags packed.  Summer had come!  The first six weeks (half of June and all of July) flew by in a refreshing whirl of family and friends.  I hopped across the US from couch... Continue Reading →

Sleep and reawakenings

Burnout has been for me a reoccurring feature of the month of May.  There is something about the end of a school year that tempts me to push too hard and then taunts me with the shimmering mirage of summer.  In the rush to "get it all done", the end seems ever just out of... Continue Reading →

Baby Tour 2012

This is not the Tour de France, nor the PGA.  There are no dance troupes involved nor is it a tour of duty.  (Unless you deem my mission worthy of such a name.)  What's the mission?   Meet as many new babies as possible in six weeks. Welcome to The Baby Tour 2012!  RULES: 1)  The... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Lamu

2011 - a knotted mess of a year that I'm rather glad to be rid of.  For those who like to read between the lines, the clue is in the postings.  I wrote half as much this year as I did each of the previous years.  And from my end of things, that's usually a... Continue Reading →

A quiet summer

I suppose "quiet" is a relative term. If you live next to a construction zone, then the sound of fifty children on a playground will seem relatively peaceful. If you live surrounded by cornfields then the sound of the ocean may be cacophonous. This summer was a quiet one for me - relative to other... Continue Reading →

Easter Surprise

My mom came for the long weekend! I found out last Wednesday that she would be flying in from Congo on Friday afternoon. Since I had the day off school, I picked her up from the airport and we have spent the rest of the weekend resting and exploring. On Saturday we drove up to... Continue Reading →

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