Easter Surprise

My mom came for the long weekend! I found out last Wednesday that she would be flying in from Congo on Friday afternoon. Since I had the day off school, I picked her up from the airport and we have spent the rest of the weekend resting and exploring. On Saturday we drove up to Nakuru. Sunday was filled with church and an excellent Easter barbecue at a friend’s cottage. Today we had a lazy morning, poked around Westlands and then went on a hike in a forest park that is about 10 minutes from my house.  Most of the pics I took are nature shots of the Nakuru trip and today’s hike … enjoy!

A view of Mt. Longonot from the Rift Valley escarpment. Highway views.

I LOVE MONKEYS!  Is it because I was born in the year of the monkey? Or because I had one as a pet when I was little? Or because I am a little monkey … climbing trees when I can? I don’t know. I just love them.

We took my little Honda sedan off-roading for a bit and got intercepted by a cattle crossing. We had to turn off the car and wait for about 10 mins while all 500 went around us.

No zoom … I could have petted them through my open window. But then, I really didn’t want cow muzzle in my face. We then drove back down to Lake Elementaita and ate lunch at a lodge there. Nice view. Pretty birds.

We got back to Nairobi that night and relaxed at home with a movie. The next day I took mom for a walk. This forest is about a five minute drive from my apartment and it feels like a sanctuary – a slice of heaven tucked away in the bustle of Nairobi.

Can you spot the three-horned chameleon in the leaves below? I didn’t … which is how I almost stepped on him. He dashed out of the path just in time. I followed him up a branch where he gradually changed from his very scared shade of fluorescent green to a more natural green-brown. (I also love chameleons …)

I like both of these shots. Above, it looks like he’s eyeing me suspiciously with his rotating eyeball – making sure I’m not going to follow him any closer. Below, it looks like he’s in a sour mood for having been scared, and is ready to cuss me out to the first other chameleon he sees.

Below is a “ghost slug” that my mom almost stepped on. I don’t know what it’s really called. That’s just my name for it.

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  1. Super photos – I like the one of the lovebirds grazing, oh, and the chamelion, oh, and the monkeys, and the…
    it was great to meet your Mum on the Sunday too.


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