The beginning of the end

As far as I can tell, there are three kinds of endings that mark the points along this curvy road of life.  First there is the quietly-disappear-don't-realize-it's-never-coming-back kind of ending where life goes on as normal and the possibility of the thing that just ended still exists in your mind.  You don't think to say... Continue Reading →

On African Color (part 1)

Summer for me ended with the unique and powerful experience of touring the Northeast-Midwest US with the Nairobi Chamber Chorus. Before I get into the experience itself, a bit of background: NCC is an auditioned, mostly a cappella choir that offers an advanced ensemble experience to young(ish) musicians in Nairobi.  The average age is about... Continue Reading →

The Chain … (an arrangement, solo)

So, a week ago Friday I performed for an assembly at school.  The kids were doing a talent show and I was the teacher "filler" act while the judges deliberated on a winner from the student participants. I decided to do a song by Ingrid Michaelson called "The Chain."  Lauren introduced me to it a couple... Continue Reading →

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