A Solstice of Repose

The apartment was empty, all the boxes safely stacked in storage, the odds-and-ends temporarily stashed in Jeannine’s guest room, and the travel bags packed.  Summer had come!  The first six weeks (half of June and all of July) flew by in a refreshing whirl of family and friends.  I hopped across the US from couch to guest room to couch, enjoying quality time with some of the people I love.

US Tour 2014

A lot of the time was spent simply being together, sharing the simple weight of moments unencumbered – of meals made and enjoyed, of news and thoughts spoken, of slow mornings and clean kitchens and laundry and bike rides and walks around the block or in the woods.  The slow luxury of being was punctuated every so often by a variety of adventures: almost falling out of sailboats and kayaks, designing and sewing a baby blanket with my sister-in-law for my newest nephew, playing in the Pacific with a fearless 2-year old, helping my mom pack a moving truck, going to a children’s theatre production of Roald Dahl’s “The BFG”, and camping in the back yard with my 5-year old niece.

Meeting new babies is always a highlight and this summer I got to meet six, four of which are related to me!

Salome WU – a day before she and the family moved to Washington State.  Love the hair.

Will and I have met before (he’s getting so big!), but Bennett CLARK was a new nugget of cousin fun.

Judah PORTER – cutest, newest nephew #5 at seven weeks old.

Chillin’ with Judah after Lauren cut my hair.

Jerome WEEKS – nephew #4, cuttin’ teeth on a Jenga block.

For some strange reason, I didn’t get pics of Elijah WEEKS or Lydia CAPPS – two new ones that I got to hang out with along the way.  Very precious though and I’m thankful for the chance to meet them.

At the end of July, I flew back to Kenya.  The final pages of that chapter were not yet written. There were a few more adventures to be had on that side before London could begin.  Stay tuned …

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