Baby Tour 2012

This is not the Tour de France, nor the PGA.  There are no dance troupes involved nor is it a tour of duty.  (Unless you deem my mission worthy of such a name.)  What’s the mission?   Meet as many new babies as possible in six weeks.

Welcome to The Baby Tour 2012! 

1)  The meeting must be face-to-face for the first time.  Digital introductions don’t count.
2)  Only the babies of friends and family may be admitted.  Babies of strangers are cute and all, but don’t qualify as tour stops.
3) The meeting must be photographically documented.
4) The newer the baby, the more points possible.

  • 1+ yrs = 10 points
  • 9-12 mos = 20 points
  • 6-9 mos = 40 points
  • 3-6 mos = 60 points
  • 1-3 mos = 80 points
  • <1 mo = 100 points

8 babies in 6 weeks

The following bundles of cuteness are posted in point order (age) rather than in the order that I met them.  Ages listed below are as of the date of the meeting.

Michael Jasperson
Aged: 23 mos
Points: 10
Relationship: 1st cousin once removed
Meeting Location (ML): Oelwein, IA
Meeting Date (MD): July 13th

William Clark
Aged:19 mos
Points: 10
Relationship: 1st cousin once removed
ML: Oelwein, IA
MD: July 12th

Daniel Mates
Aged: 13 mos
Points: 10
Relationship: Friend
ML: Austin, TX
MD: July 21st

Cephus Wu
Aged: 7 mos
Points: 40
Relationship: Friend
ML: St. Paul, MN
MD: July 19th

Olive Davis
Aged: 5 mos, 3 wks
Points: 60
Relationship: 1st cousin once removed
ML: Knoxville, TN
MD: June 19th

Justus Weeks
Aged: 4 mos, 2 wks
Points: 60
Relationship: Nephew
ML: Bloomington, IN
MD: July 1st

Caroline Mattox
Aged: 3 mos, 3 wks
Points: 60
Relationship: Friend
ML: Tallahassee, FL
MD: June 15th


Tytus Porter
Aged: 3 days!
Points: 100
Relationship: Nephew
ML: San Diego, CA
MD: July 15th

There is actually one other baby who should have made it into this line-up … I met her, but didn’t get a picture for some reason.  Georgia Archer, age 8 months, niece of a cousin-in-law.  Lovely.Throw in points for the fifteen or twenty siblings and other kids under the age of ten that I hung out with this summer and what does that add up to?

TOTAL: a whole lot of fun. 

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