One of my new favorite authors, Joshua Gibbs, wrote somewhere (I wish I could remember where) about how the purpose of each stage of life is to prepare for the next. I remember that Gibbs was writing about high school and teenagers, so he was also saying it another way: enjoying the present moment is... Continue Reading →

Digging in the Dirt

My garden and I both got a manicure this morning.  The plants got a new compost dressing and I got new nails.  I call it the "Fresh Tip" mani.  (See what I did there?) This is the first home I have lived in as an adult where I have had any garden space bigger than... Continue Reading →

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso national wetlands park is a stunning part of the South African coast.  It stretches from the small town of St. Lucia in the south, to Sodwana Bay in the north.  The estuary system that once brought a handful of rivers to the ocean is now a freshwater lake.  The water levels have dropped and... Continue Reading →

“Monkey Stole My Meds!”

June 30th, 2010 - northwest Vancouver Island, Canada I woke to a splash and a shout.  Confused, I sat up and strained my senses beyond my sleeping bag.  The sound of lapping water was close - much closer than it should be.  Was it at the tent?  Someone was outside and moving around - another... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving in motion

Where there is thankfulness, there is no room for anger or bitterness or confusion.  It is the surest remedy against disappointment or disillusion; it calms the heart in the midst of pain; it clears mind fogged in by self-pity.  Thankfulness forces us to look beyond what is wrong and discover what is right.  There are... Continue Reading →

Ngarandare Camping & a Kiwi Christmas

RECON CAMPING November 23, 2013 We had a long-weekend in November - a nod to Thanksgiving but on the wrong weekend entirely, so not much use in terms of celebrating with Americans.  A couple of of friends and I decided to do a sort of "recon" camping trip in the Ngarandare conservancy, north of Mt... Continue Reading →

What are you made of?

When the temperature drops, what do you let loose? Gentle rain? Snow wrapped hail? Lightening and thunder? A swirling vortex that pitches cows and cars into trees? When the rain falls, do you squish like mud? Soak it up like the grass? Disappear it like sand? Let it roll off your granite back? When the... Continue Reading →

On Plastic

Ode to Plastic Bending and unyielding; Soft as flesh or hard as bone. Inanimate.  And yet there is No form you cannot assume, No task to which you are not applied. Shaper, connector, keeper; All the tools of this great race are Fashioned from you and by you. No child of these generations will know... Continue Reading →

Noisy Birds

My choir classroom is on the third floor of the Arts Centre.  There are only two spots in the building that go above two floors, and those are the corner towers.  So, I have a tower room, and that means several things.  It means that I get to climb many stairs every day.  Especially on... Continue Reading →

Camping – Level 2

What does it take for a non-camper to become a camper?  Get a tent and sleep in it.  Bring something to eat for dinner, breakfast, and maybe lunch - whatever it is, it must be eaten outside.  Voila, you're a camper. But what does it take for a beginning camper to graduate to the next... Continue Reading →

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