Would you rather …

... spend 12 hours stuck in traffic or 2 days stuck in an airport?   Wednesday, September 3rd (My last night in Nairobi) The road from Westlands to the center of Nairobi is not a long road.  On a clear Sunday morning it might take eight to ten minutes to drive between the two.  Any... Continue Reading →

The fair winds that blow

Though I have not written much since last Fall, the density of new and interesting experiences in the last six months has been remarkable.  Since September, I have not had more than three to four weeks at home before the next trip or adventure, and that's not counting the two car accidents.  The accidents are... Continue Reading →

On African Color (part 1)

Summer for me ended with the unique and powerful experience of touring the Northeast-Midwest US with the Nairobi Chamber Chorus. Before I get into the experience itself, a bit of background: NCC is an auditioned, mostly a cappella choir that offers an advanced ensemble experience to young(ish) musicians in Nairobi.  The average age is about... Continue Reading →

On African Color (part 2)

We met them at the airport.  It was two o'clock in the afternoon and they had been traveling for twenty-six hours.  "You made it!  Karibuni!  Karibu New York!  Sasa?  Umeamka?  Poa!  I'm so glad you all are here!"  We gathered the group of twenty-eight travel-weary singers towards one side of the arrivals hall and waited... Continue Reading →

What are you made of?

When the temperature drops, what do you let loose? Gentle rain? Snow wrapped hail? Lightening and thunder? A swirling vortex that pitches cows and cars into trees? When the rain falls, do you squish like mud? Soak it up like the grass? Disappear it like sand? Let it roll off your granite back? When the... Continue Reading →

Long Journey To Nowhere

"Rachel!  I'm inviting myself over.  Is that okay?  Are you and the kids home this afternoon?  I haven't seen you in ages and I finally have a free afternoon." "Come on over!  We're here." "Cool - I'm leaving school in about thirty minutes." "Great!  See you soon." So began my Tuesday afternoon.  I sat a... Continue Reading →

Camping – Level 2

What does it take for a non-camper to become a camper?  Get a tent and sleep in it.  Bring something to eat for dinner, breakfast, and maybe lunch - whatever it is, it must be eaten outside.  Voila, you're a camper. But what does it take for a beginning camper to graduate to the next... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Lamu

2011 - a knotted mess of a year that I'm rather glad to be rid of.  For those who like to read between the lines, the clue is in the postings.  I wrote half as much this year as I did each of the previous years.  And from my end of things, that's usually a... Continue Reading →


I just found a folder of pics that I forgot to post back in MAY!  What was wrong with me?  Oh right - the Yearbook chewed me up and spit me out. These are from a trip I took up to Lake Nakuru National Park and the Menangai Crater.  Over a long weekend, a friend... Continue Reading →

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