Snapshot 1: Paddles up!

Jan 23 - 28th Those who have been following this blog for a while have seen the pictures and read the stories of me on Mt. Kenya - you know about the intercultural trips student's at this school go on every year. In case this blog is new to you: every year in the last... Continue Reading →

Wacky Monday!

This morning I walked past the Pre-Kindergarten snack / playground area and caught the middle of the following conversation: "Why do you guys call me a giant? I'm not a giant. Do I look like a giant?" The teacher was perched on top of the shoe cubbies watching the kids eat their snack. One particularly... Continue Reading →

drama of a musical sort

I'm feeling quite unpoetic these days, so I don't think this post will be particularly captivating. Still, it's been ages since I've made the effort, so it's about time to articulate. The most recent and most relevant event in my world was the musical production "Once Upon A Mattress." This year's musical was a big... Continue Reading →

When the last guava falls

When the cool winds come And the heavy rains fall When young and old sing their songs, Play their tunes, and dance for all, When swings are silent And the walls are bare, When the last guava falls You know summer is near. This is the guava tree that grows in the elementary playground. I... Continue Reading →

Bits of Life

I have tried to be consistent with blogging these last few months; at once a week (ish), I think I've done a decent job. In spite of these efforts though, life continues to be much fuller than I have given credit here on the Dunehopper Diaries. This post will thus be a hodgepodge of happenings,... Continue Reading →

5th Grade Fun

I finally finished the 5th-grade composition project - finally finished compiling all of the songs and putting them on CDs for the kids. The project made me smile so often that I decided to share a few of the songs with y'all. Below are my three favorites. Before you listen though: a word of explanation.... Continue Reading →

High School Drama

SCENE 1 (The Chorus Teacher is sitting in her classroom typing at her computer. The Drama Teacher enters holding a script and seems close to tears.) DRAMA TEACHER: Hey. Ellen is sick. She called from the hospital. CHORUS TEACHER: Oh no. (Furrows her brow) What are you going to do for the show tonight? Are... Continue Reading →

Lunch-time delight

The sun shone bright, and a warm breeze filled with tantalizing scents blew across the playground. Classrooms buzzed as students scrambled to put away the tools of learning and be the first outside for lunch. As I pass a third grade classroom, I hear a shout. A young boy has just seen the lunch table... Continue Reading →

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