The days are plump raindrops, heavy and full, that dissolve in the rushing stream of time

Where has September gone?

I’ve often thought about posting these last few weeks, but barely has the thought floated across my brain than I have had to attend to the next set of demands. Life has been hectic but fun, hurried but calm, full but beautiful. And my heart is thankful.

Sept 3rd: Asher Dee Weeks
Three weeks ago my brother and sis-in-law had a baby! I’m an aunt twice over now. Welcome Asher!  (Picture courtesy of my brother.)

Sept 12th: Nairobi Chamber Chorus charity concert
I am still singing with NCC. Two weeks ago I sang with and conducted them in a concert. Here are some pics from that.

Sept 17th: Dad in town
It was Friday night after a full week at school. Dad was on his way to Ghana and had a layover in Nairobi. We met up and went to a concert at the Alliance Francais – a Malian marimba player who was brilliant. Sadly I don’t have any pics of that.

Sept 18th: Band camp, a picnic and some choral fun
High school band camp was Friday night to Saturday morning. I helped out by teaching the saxophone sectionals on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. (Pulled out those sax skills from once upon a time.) Later that afternoon was the ISK Welcome Back Picnic. All the student groups were involved somehow. Classes organized booths and games, special interest clubs held booksales or bake sales, and all of the music groups performed. This meant that I had two middle school choirs and the high school choir each singing a song or two. I will post the pics from that soon – hopefully by tomorrow.

Sept 24th/25th: Habitat trip
Besides regular classes, this past week has been full with musical rehearsals everyday before and after school. Then on Friday, two other teachers and I took a group of 16 HS kids on a Habitat Build. We went four hours northwest of Nairobi, to a small town in the Rift Valley. We spent the night at an agricultural training center, then got up early the next morning to go to the build site. The house had not been started yet, so we had the pleasure of digging the foundation trench and mixing the cement to lay in it. We got back to Nairobi just before dark on Saturday. There are lots of pics from this too … but not on my camera. Coming soon.

Saturday 26th: Classical Fusion Concert
That brings us to today. Today I got up, made some zucchini bread and then headed across town to the venue where this concert was to be held. NCC would be singing together with five other choirs and a handful of big name musicians on a grand outdoor concert. I got there for rehearsal at 10:30. Doors opened at 12:00. The concert went from 2:00 to 6:30, featured big names like the Soweto String Quartet and Eric Wanaina, and local musicians like the Nairobi Chamber Orchestra, a handful of local choirs that sang together as a mass choir (about 250 people), and a couple kids who had won a classical music competition. The crowd was big. My guess is somewhere between 4000-6000 people … and it ended with fireworks and dancing on stage. Crazy times. Here are a few pics.

I’ve also had company – a blessing and pleasure. Last week, a friend’s daughter stayed with me for four nights; and yesterday, my friend Katie came to stay for a week. Now it’s bedtime on a Sunday night. Monday, Monday … what will you bring?

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