Wacky Monday!

This morning I walked past the Pre-Kindergarten snack / playground area and caught the middle of the following conversation:

“Why do you guys call me a giant? I’m not a giant. Do I look like a giant?” The teacher was perched on top of the shoe cubbies watching the kids eat their snack.
One particularly articulate 4-year old responded, “Well you are bigger than us.”
“But that doesn’t mean I’m a giant. Does that make me a giant?”

I didn’t hear the kids’ response, but in my head it was a resounding “AbsoLUTEly!”

A few hours later, I made my way to the staff canteen area for lunch. I was only the second one there – George the bus driver had beaten me to lunch today and was just finishing his. I found a sunny spot and quickly began to eat. When I looked up from my plate, I realized that he had on two ties. “George, why are you wearing two ties?” He smiled a bit. “Well … I don’t know really. You know, I got up this morning and thought, ‘why do we only wear one?’ Why doesn’t anyone ever wear two? So I put on two. And you know what’s funny? No one has seemed to notice.” The ties even matched – two different textures in shades of silky green to go with his uniform.

What an interesting Monday!

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