Spontaneous Combustion

My head exploded in the middle of the night and loosed a swirling vortex of longing and doubt so strong that it swept me out of Nairobi and dropped me on a lonely Mombassa beach. I spent 36-hours under a palm tree, the Indian ocean lapping at my toes. I took no camera so have no photos – nothing to share but a poem that pushed its way up from the deep. It is hard for me to explain how and why I love the ocean so much, but this captures a whiff of why.

I drink the ocean with my eyes
And rain its depths on the thirsty spaces of my soul,
So, when again I wander
Lost and lonely under an unrelenting sun,
The salty tears I cry
Become the river that carries me home.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Combustion

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  1. i love the ocean too. feels like coming home. ironic for someone that lives where i do ;).

    (sorry for the deluge of comments)


  2. I believe it is your wise vantage point from the sky that gives you the ability to rain down. Maybe it is your soul that catches these salty tears as a healing balm or maybe it is the welcome seasoned sprinkle you bring to others lives that yeilds the most benefit from this percipitation.


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