sidewalk views

I have been without a car for almost a week. Nothing serious – just some nasty clunks and rattles that had to get sorted out. And I am certainly not complaining – it has been lovely to ride with friends and not have to maneuver the traffic myself. All of us teacher-types go to and from the same places anyway, so it’s easy during the week. Not having a car today (Sunday) made life a little interesting though.

Order of operations for the day:
– Get to church on the opposite side of town
– Find lunch and kill some time until choir practice (preferably do both in good company)
– Get to choir practice
– Get home

All of these activities happen in completely different parts of town with different sets of people, and I don’t know the public transportation system well enough to confidently bus from one to the other. Dull story short: I have some great friends who give me rides places even when it’s inconvenient. I also got to walk a few kilometers along a main road to get from lunch to choir practice. Not only was it a beautiful day, but I got to see the road from a new perspective – the sidewalk. I LOVE looking at the world from new angles, and the street-angle doesn’t happen for me very often here. It’s refreshing (the angle, not the street). It reminds me that …
– the world is big
– you see more when you slow down
– most people are just trying to not get hit
– when the sun comes out after a good rain, even ugly cities can have their charm.

And now – off to Monday.

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