Photo Show

Last Saturday I hosted a photography exhibit at my apartment!

A photographer friend of mine has been in Nairobi for a few months on a short internship, and we decided to put up a show of his pics. In just under a month of planning, we went from a collection of 15,000 raw digital images to a selection of 88 titled prints carefully strung across five walls of my apartment. Another 100 prints he arranged into two albums for coffee table viewing. Most of the work happened in the ten days before opening with the mad rush starting on Friday: ordering prints, advertising through networks, shopping for groceries, creating a playlist, titling and labeling images, preparing the food, arranging and hanging all the pictures.

Here’s the ad that my talented sister Lauren made:

And here are a few pics from the show night:

By my guesstimate, we had about 60 people come through in the course of the evening, and it was fantastic. Food, photos, friends … all in my living room. He sold a few pictures and I got to play hostess. What better way to spend a Saturday? I only wished that a few of you could have been there.

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  1. very hip, ms. lillis! i like your apartment.

    sorry if the frequency of my comments makes you think i'm stalking you. i've just been checking my RSS feed more often recently!


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