If "Hope's the thing with feathers," Then surely it's a mocker -That cocks its impish head and tauntsEach dark, despairing hour - Sore tossed upon the waves, I've cried, "All's lost! Life comes undone - "When "Lost - life comes!" - I hear it chirp -My voice - transformed by one - Who jibes the... Continue Reading →

Heart of an Oak

Oh, to have the heart of an oak,With the hope of one hundred thousand sunsets in its sap;To feel each blazing day, a blinkAnd each clouded horizon, a sigh; Deaf to the howls of that which passes, Tied fast to life, stretched up towards joy.

Conversation with Myself

"I'm dying," said I. "I know.  How far would you go?"  said she.  "How far would you go to be free?" "Free of the thing that is killing me?  Cut it out!  Carve and slice, burn and dice, poison it until it disappears.  I surrender to the physician's knife and knowledge.  In short: do whatever... Continue Reading →

On Plastic

Ode to Plastic Bending and unyielding; Soft as flesh or hard as bone. Inanimate.¬† And yet there is No form you cannot assume, No task to which you are not applied. Shaper, connector, keeper; All the tools of this great race are Fashioned from you and by you. No child of these generations will know... Continue Reading →

When the last guava falls

When the cool winds come And the heavy rains fall When young and old sing their songs, Play their tunes, and dance for all, When swings are silent And the walls are bare, When the last guava falls You know summer is near. This is the guava tree that grows in the elementary playground. I... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Combustion

My head exploded in the middle of the night and loosed a swirling vortex of longing and doubt so strong that it swept me out of Nairobi and dropped me on a lonely Mombassa beach. I spent 36-hours under a palm tree, the Indian ocean lapping at my toes. I took no camera so have... Continue Reading →

The Sun on Mt. Kenya

I just got back today from a five-day trek to Mt. Kenya - twelve teens, three teachers and one doctor spent the week hiking to 16,000ft and back. Wait, this sounds familiar. Didn't you do this last year? Yep! But this year was a little different. This was the "Advanced Mt. Kenya trip." Instead of... Continue Reading →


Blue skies smilin' on me Cattle lick dust, Dogs chew garbage. Baby lips burn and The red road clings to my skin. Nothin' but blue skies do I see. Dark days. Save the laundry for tomorrow; Maybe Sunday we will bathe. Blue birds singin' a song. Green trees like skeletal smiles - Leaves wave gently... Continue Reading →

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