It's hard to believe that it has not even been three weeks since I arrived.  It feels like at least six - but that's what happens when every moment is packed with new experiences.  Normal life doesn't usually have so much "newness" to it, so a normal three weeks feels a little more "to scale".... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving in motion

Where there is thankfulness, there is no room for anger or bitterness or confusion.  It is the surest remedy against disappointment or disillusion; it calms the heart in the midst of pain; it clears mind fogged in by self-pity.  Thankfulness forces us to look beyond what is wrong and discover what is right.  There are... Continue Reading →


Sometime back in October or November, I realized that I would soon pass the 100-post mark on this blog.  I thought that perhaps the 100th or 101st post would be in honor of a new year and that maybe it would be interesting to make a list of one hundred things that I am thankful... Continue Reading →

Long Journey To Nowhere

"Rachel!  I'm inviting myself over.  Is that okay?  Are you and the kids home this afternoon?  I haven't seen you in ages and I finally have a free afternoon." "Come on over!  We're here." "Cool - I'm leaving school in about thirty minutes." "Great!  See you soon." So began my Tuesday afternoon.  I sat a... Continue Reading →


Long day.  No food in the fridge.  Craving Indian curry and rice.  Head to the nearest food court. There were only a handful of people eating dinner on the top floor of Westgate.  A slow night in the mall with some of the usual types:  An elderly Indian couple out with their grown children.  A... Continue Reading →


As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I went to the coast with 18 high school kids in the last week of January. In many ways, it was like the trip I did last year at the same time. There were improvements since then - the logistics were smoother, the cooking was cleaner, and we... Continue Reading →

A Spring Thanksgiving

Hurray for long weekends!  Though it was not as long as y'all's in the US, it's still great to have a three day weekend.  Thursday didn't feel much like Thanksgiving since we were in school all day.  Friday though was lovely.  I woke up late (7:45!), putzed around the house, then geared up for pie making. ... Continue Reading →

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