Beach weekend

Three day weekends are great.  Especially when you can get a round trip ticket to a beautiful, mostly empty, white-sands beach for $100.  Add in the taxi, hotel, and food ... another $220 (total!) ... and you get three days and two nights of bliss that looks like this: Galu beach at almost high tide. ... Continue Reading →

Easter Surprise

My mom came for the long weekend! I found out last Wednesday that she would be flying in from Congo on Friday afternoon. Since I had the day off school, I picked her up from the airport and we have spent the rest of the weekend resting and exploring. On Saturday we drove up to... Continue Reading →

Snapshot 1: Paddles up!

Jan 23 - 28th Those who have been following this blog for a while have seen the pictures and read the stories of me on Mt. Kenya - you know about the intercultural trips student's at this school go on every year. In case this blog is new to you: every year in the last... Continue Reading →

Two days in tobacco country

Dec 29th - 31st She gave me a curious look - maybe hesitant or confused, certainly amused - and responded, "Do we bathe every day? Of course." I glanced off towards the field for a moment, faintly embarrassed. I had come prepared to rough it. What's three days without a bath after all? But my... Continue Reading →

Kenya Mpya

A weathered taxi pulled up to the gas station. The slightly disheveled, middle-aged driver stepped out into the early morning drizzle and straightened his hat. One of the pump attendants recognized him with a broad smile and the two men greeted each other. "Kenya mpya!" "Eh, Kenya mpya!" An odd greeting for a Saturday morning.... Continue Reading →

A determined din – World Cup / Day 2

At thirty minutes before game-time, there were only a few seats left in the front. Over four hundred fans had crowded under a tent in the parking lot of a local bar to watch England and the USA play their first world cup game. Four hundred people on bleachers and plastic chairs, armed with vuvuzelas,... Continue Reading →

Bits of Life

I have tried to be consistent with blogging these last few months; at once a week (ish), I think I've done a decent job. In spite of these efforts though, life continues to be much fuller than I have given credit here on the Dunehopper Diaries. This post will thus be a hodgepodge of happenings,... Continue Reading →

Young talent … elephant size

On Saturday I took some visiting friends out to an elephant orphanage. These elephants are rescued by Kenya Wildlife Services when the mothers are killed by either poaching or natural causes. Hand-raised by humans, they get the opportunity to develop many talents. I think that the South African World Cup and FIFA officials should consider... Continue Reading →

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