I just found a folder of pics that I forgot to post back in MAY!  What was wrong with me?  Oh right – the Yearbook chewed me up and spit me out.

These are from a trip I took up to Lake Nakuru National Park and the Menangai Crater.  Over a long weekend, a friend and I went up for a little R&R at a lovely tented camp that is on a volcanic crater.  We also did a drive through the park and saw a few interesting creatures.

The view from my bed: the Menangai Crater

A rock badger.  Also known as a rock hyrax.  My grandparents used to have these as pets.  Or their tree cousins, I’m not sure.

I’m not good with bird names, but I do think they are cool looking.

A female water buck.

Chewing thorns!
That giraffes are able to wrap their tongues around the two-inch spines of acacia trees and find the leaves is an amazing feat.

That bird doesn’t look like a baby … but one is definitely feeding the other.

Cape Buffalo.  Mean creatures.  Ugly too … with bee-hive horn-do’s.  Always makes me think of a cross between the “Viking fat lady” of a Wagner opera and a 1950’s hair ad.

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