Noisy Birds

My choir classroom is on the third floor of the Arts Centre.  There are only two spots in the building that go above two floors, and those are the corner towers.  So, I have a tower room, and that means several things.  It means that I get to climb many stairs every day.  Especially on days when I send a document to the printer on the ground floor and that printer is out of toner and I have to go back to my room to resend the document to a printer in a different building.  I get my ‘stair-master’ on.  It means that I don’t often get interrupted during my prep periods.  Not many visitors find me in the tower.  It also means that I have a lovely view of trees.  And sometimes, noisy birds.

Earlier this week, a couple of hornbills decided to hang out on one of the little trees outside my window.  They are crazy-looking birds.  A touch prehistoric in my mind.

They sound about as lovely as they look.  Here is about a minute and a half of video.  Listen first for the sweet bird-song in the background.  You will not miss the contrast when these two come in.  Then, if you listen really carefully, you’ll hear the even noisier birds down in the band room.

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