If “Hope’s the thing with feathers,”
Then surely it’s a mocker –
That cocks its impish head and taunts
Each dark, despairing hour –

Sore tossed upon the waves, I’ve cried,
“All’s lost! Life comes undone – “
When “Lost – life comes!” – I hear it chirp –
My voice – transformed by one –

Who jibes the stormy gale with song –
And proves with ruffled glee –
That only Life itself can shout
When tossed upon the Sea.

(The above poem is a personal response to the great Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope” is the thing with feathers – . You can read her poem here.)

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  1. Timing transparency. Today has been a distressing day for me. Just now, after reading both poems, the ‘bird of hope’ has faintly started to regain its’ voice inside me (from Emily’s) AND your line ‘And proves with ruffled glee’. Ruffled glee!! What a perfect description of one’s state of mind at times. I’m not sure how you are able to describe emotions so vividly with two unrelated words, but it is extraordinary! You made a positive difference in my day. So, ‘ruffled glee hopes’ to be realized by both of us!
    Nice work! T

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