The Chain … (an arrangement, solo)

So, a week ago Friday I performed for an assembly at school.  The kids were doing a talent show and I was the teacher “filler” act while the judges deliberated on a winner from the student participants.

I decided to do a song by Ingrid Michaelson called “The Chain.”  Lauren introduced me to it a couple years back and since then I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a loop pedal so I could try my idea.  Well, it finally happened – I found a loop pedal and worked on a “one-woman-band” arrangement of the song.  The performance for the kids was my dry run … I’m a bit out of breath (nervous), there is one rhythmic glitch, and my friend was sitting a bit too close to the amp so the sound is not balanced … but it went well for a test run!  Well enough that I’m actually posting it here.  I am planning on performing it again in a few weeks for a larger (more adult) audience.  If that one goes better, I’ll replace this video with that.  For now : Enjoy!

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