A Spring Thanksgiving

Hurray for long weekends!  Though it was not as long as y’all’s in the US, it’s still great to have a three day weekend.  Thursday didn’t feel much like Thanksgiving since we were in school all day.  Friday though was lovely.  I woke up late (7:45!), putzed around the house, then geared up for pie making.  Three pies in four hours!  A big group of teachers got together on Friday night for our official, un-official Thanksgiving feast.  And was it a feast.  Evidence is below.

Today I had to fight the feeling it was Sunday.  I woke up saying “it’s not Sunday, it’s only Saturday” over and over just to keep my head straight.   Putzed around the house again, but this time I put up Christmas decorations.  Went caroling at a retirement home in the afternoon, then for turkey leftovers and football at another friend’s house.  (A recording of the Superbowl from two years ago …)  So all in all, it felt exactly like Thanksgiving!

Except … this has been the rainiest, coldest “spring” I ever remember having in Kenya.  Temps are supposed to be up in the upper 70s and the sun is supposed to be coming out more than not.  Instead it’s in the mid 60s and raining EVERY day.  Ridiculous.  Ah well.  At least it’s spring.

PIE!  Apple Rhubarb, Chocolate Bourbon, and Classic Pumpkin.

Fruit of a hard day’s work.  The top three are “resting” while a mini pot-pie is baking.  I had to do something with the leftover pastry crust!

My nifty two-pie carrier.  It’s a box within a box.  The white tub is whipped cream.  And the third pie, I just put gently in the passenger’s seat.  Do three-tier pie carriers even exist?  I don’t even know where to look, but I feel like my life would be easier if I an official pie/cake transporter device.  Not one rigged out of two boxes and held together with duct tape.  As cool as that is.

The main course … after we had already decimated it.  I was not quick enough with the camera.

The dessert table.

Yes it’s a fake tree.  It’s about four feet tall and so can hold about two handfuls of ornaments.  But it’s cute.

The nativity set.

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