twirling on gossamer threads

Hello! Long time no … post.

Yes – three months since my last post is quite out-of-the-ordinary for me. But then … it’s been an out-of-the-ordinary quarter. Just when I thought things couldn’t get much busier, they did. And so here I am after three months of relative silence.

It’s ‘spring break’ now. Though really it should be called ‘fall break’ since the days are gradually getting wetter and colder. Not that ‘cold’ is really very cold. When we hit true winter, we might have night-time lows in the 50s … right now is hovering in the low 70s / upper 60s at night. Whatever you call it, I call it a rest – a pause in the clamor – a breath in the gale – a sliver of silence as I spin my way towards summer break.

Don’t be alarmed at what follows. I’m about to go a little blog-crazy and post five in a row again. But this time the set of five will not be about different parts of the same adventure. Or actually … I guess if you think of ‘the adventure’ as teaching and living in Kenya, then yes that’s what they are. However, each post will be a short “snapshot” of something that I have done or had to deal with in the last three months. Thus, they will each be very different from the others. The first ‘snapshot’ is in fact the post just before this one. I started “Two Days in Tobacco Country” over the Christmas break but only now have had the chance to finish it.

Welcome back to the DH Diaries. Enjoy. And if you take a moment to leave fun comments, you might even get a personal email in reply.

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