thoughts on plump

Sunday afternoon. I sat on the step outside the rehearsal room resting my heavy eyelids and listening to the wind in the trees. At 3:15, only four out of sixteen of us had arrived. Don’t fight it, go with the flow Lillis. No one else seems annoyed that everyone is late for practice. I looked up at the sound of gravel crunching – Joanne was walking up to me wearing her usual lovely smile. I smiled back and reached out to shake her hand.

“Hi Lillis! Eh, have you gained weight?”
Uhhh … I am pretty sure this is a trick question …
“Mm, I don’t know, maybe … I haven’t really checked,” I stammered knowing full well that I had gained at least 5-10 pounds in the last six months.
“Oh, well you look nice!”

Corinne came and sat next to me. “You know, I gained 9 kilos on my trip.”
“Really? What happened?” asked Joanne.
“I lost it all. I think, you know … all the walking here from matatu to matatu … and the stress. Anyway, it was nice to feel plump for a while.”

Nice to feel plump … this definitely isn’t Kansas anymore Toto.

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  1. At the end of a challenging day in Kinshasa, I thought I would just reread your blog for a heart warming smile but was pleasantly surprised that you had put up something new. It was fun to read.


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