Bright Ideas

[Scene: 5pm rush hour, Riverside Ring Road. Two men on a motorcycle, one helmet.]

“Eh bwana – my arm is tired. I think I will rest it a bit.”

[Scene: a few minutes later, just around the corner from the motorcycle men.]

“Hey my car won’t start. Can you tow me home?”
“Sure, happen to have a rope here in my trunk.”
“But it’s rush hour – what should we do to let other cars know to be careful?”
“Hmm … how about a branch off this bush?”
“Sounds good to me.”

Such are the many wonders of Nairobi. Some days I wish I could mount a tiny camera to the top of my car (one of those thin fiber-optic cable cameras that could be attached to the antenna) so that I could catch more of these moments. I just happened to have my camera in my bag on this particular day.

In other news, Lauren is getting married! I fly to San Diego tomorrow and land on Thursday night. Sadly, I only have seven short days to get there and back. While it’s a miracle of the modern age that I can travel ten time zones twice in seven days, its’ definitely not natural. I’m not sure what my mental/physical state will be a week from Wednesday, but I’ve already told my classes that if I fall over, they are to prop me up at the piano and just keep singing.

Til then!

2 thoughts on “Bright Ideas

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  1. Every time I see scenes like this here, which I see far too often, I'm reminded of my friend who died in a motorcycle accident two years ago when her helmet flew off, or my brother who died in a car accident at eight. They don't realize the repercussions of their decisions.


  2. hi lillis! hope you are having a great time…in the US. the side note in your other entry about 7th grade romance brought a smile (a smirk?) to my face. and, what an amazing country to take field trips in!


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