Christmas reflections

Hard to believe that it’s been six weeks since I last wrote. Only six weeks ago I was in the throes of concert preparation. Six weeks ago I was worn out physically and mentally. Six weeks ago, my sights were set on Christmas break … and here we are in 2009, a new semester in full swing.

Break in a nutshell: I nested. I spent a wonderful three days with my parents who came through on their way back to the States arriving just in time for a sewage flood in my utility room.  In all the lazy days of break, I worked a puzzle, read and re-read multiple books (including nerdy things like a star atlas and a guide to trees and shrubs of East Africa), tried new recipies, sewed like a crazy woman, hunted for furniture, spent time with friends who stayed in town, chatted with family & friends online, went to Lake Naivasha for a night, and reorganized the choral library at school. Yes, I went to school over break … but only at the very end – helped to get me back into school mode. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures over the holiday. Below are a few.

1) The completed puzzle
2) Creme-caramel adventure (what you don’t see is the massive burn blister I got making it)
3) Almost-finished bedspread and curtain set for one guest room

There are more projects to sew and more books to read. The bedspread still needs quilting, the curtains need their borders, the bed needs a skirt … and I haven’t even gotten to my own room yet. I am so thankful though for this last break. I’m thankful for the families that took me in over Christmas; thankful for the opportunity to be creative; thankful for encouraging friends and inspiring books; thankful for time to rest and reflect. Most of all though, I’m thankful that none of these things are my peace – God is my peace. This is the promise of Christmas – God-come-near to be our peace.

“And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isa 9:6

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  1. the flan-looking dessert looks like it came out of a cooking magazine ;).how did you learn how to sew? i got a sewing machine but don’t really know where to start.


  2. I had sewage all over my floor, too, this past few days. Well, the pre-sewage part from the toilet. Had to buy a new toilet 😦 So it’s not just an African thing.Would love to hear a post on what Election Day was like there.


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