Celebrating a son of Kenya

I arrived at school this morning at 8am GMT+2. As the last polls closed in the US, I sat at my computer checking headlines. Outside my window, elementary students arrived on the playground. Second and third graders echo-chanted “BA-RAK! O-BA-MA! BA-RAK! O-BA-MA!” As I walked to the staff lounge to check my box, I received several congratulatory greetings. The Kenyan ground staff taking down the Halloween party tents were all grins and chuckles, and the high school kids had already decided that Thursday would be a day off school. By noon it was official: President Kibaki had declared Thursday to be a public holiday, and since the school observes all Kenyan holidays, the school director was obliged to call the day off. I laughed when I heard the news – here I am in Kenya and I get to sleep in tomorrow because this country is going to celebrate an Obama victory. Turns out though that we’re getting the short end of the stick – Uganda is taking two days off and Nigeria is taking five!

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  1. When Kenya elects a white of North American descent as her president, I’ll declare a holiday for the ClearNote Pastors College students and maybe President Obama will take the hint and follow suite.


  2. Haha! That’s funny and horrible at the same time.What’s even funnier is that my “word verification” for leaving a comment on your blog is “cousa”… does this mean that Kenya is a co-usa now that Obama is president?-Sarah


  3. Wow! That is incredible! I’m sitting here in the United States of America (specifically, Columbus, OH) and we don’t have any days off! But that is really neat that one country’s chosen president can spread the joy to others worldwide! I hope you enjoyed your day off! =)


  4. Lillis – I just wanted to say “hi.” I found your blog through Emily’s and read through it — it’s good to know that you’re settled into your life in Kenya. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Mrs. T


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