Getting to know you

In the first week of school, I had the students in both of my choruses introduce themselves to me via questionnaire. I thought I’d share with you some of the responses from the middle school choir that made me smile. This is a group of 44 kids – 37 girls and 7 boys from sixth, seventh and eighth grade. I have tried to reproduce the responses as accurately as possible – the hearts and doodles however, you will just have to imagine.

Nationality / Residences / Favorite Country …
[these are countries that they are either from or have visited, listed in no particular order]

Kenya, Canada, England, Indonesia, Ghana, Germany, Italy, Ethiopia, America, Austria, Switzerland, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Haiti, Singapore, China, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Holland, Malaysia, Jamaica, Sudan, Korea, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Egypt, Bangladesh.

Why did you sign up for chorus?
– Because I looooooooove (x10000000) to sing
– cos I’m too lazy to play an instrument
– I don’t like band
– Mom told me to
[most kids though said they like to sing]

What do you hope to get out of this class?
– Nothing really
– A good time

What is your favorite style of music so far?
– all except reggae + country + classical + blues [which leaves …?]
– Horse music! [I think I missed that part of the repertoire …]
– I like fantasy songs from movies like Pocahontas.

Anything else I should know about you before we get going? (If you can beatbox through your nose, you might have to stand and demonstrate.)
– I have tons of pets, 24!! and have read 1,500 books in my lifetime (this summer I read 17 books!!) [she’s 12 by the way]
– I saved someone’s life before [he’s 11]
– I was in the Junior World Cup [also 11]
– I am determined to get something I want even if I have to go through a lot.
– I love messing up my brother’s life
– I love making up raps with my best friend in Michigan

So, it sounds like my kids are pretty standard kids!

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