Week One – “Who? Where? When?”

(the inner monologue)

The first day …
“Only two classes today – not so bad. I think this will be painless. First up, fourth grade. They should be here at 9:30. I think I’ll practice a bit.” [plays some piano] “Hmm … it’s 9:40 … I wonder where they are. No one in the halls. Maybe they’re running late.” [plays some more piano] “10:00 … maybe I should go find the teacher. What’s that? Oh, no first-period Arts or PE classes today? Nope, no one told me. Well, I guess I’m extra ready for tomorrow’s fourth grade class. Now, what to do until High School Choir at 12:30 …” [wanders back into the room, tidies her desk, and finds some errands to run on campus.] “Might as well get lunch while I’m out and about.” [finds the staff canteen and enjoys a leisurely lunch] “Ten minutes to choir – perfect. Wait, there’s the band teacher. What’s up? WHAT? Class started at 12:00?! Not 12:30? There was a misprint on the schedule? So I’m 30 minutes late to my own first class. Awesome. Most of the kids bailed 15 minutes ago but there are a few still in the room. Let’s see if one of them will go round up the others from the HS library. I guess I’ll have to change my little opening talk about punctuality.” *sigh*

The third day …
“Lord, these names are crazy! Naman, Paval, Nkosana, Omobola, Romene, Ann-Maj, Gustav, Mi-gun, Ellahi, Zalie, Olea … maybe they will be easier to learn since they are all so unique. There may be only one name that’s doubled among the hundred-odd kids I see – Alessandra. Funny one to have two of. I’m glad I had them make individual fact sheets. Now, how quickly can I learn them all?”

The fourth day …
“Okay, here we go – middle school choir. Keep it moving, Lillis.” [kids wander in and take out folders; warm-ups begin] “Ladies, you’re late – name on the board please.” [warm-ups continue; principal walks in quietly and takes a seat off to the side] “Awesome – an informal observation on the second day of choir. Be confident, keep things rolling, don’t stop or you’ll loose their attention. [Principal watches for a bit and then quietly leaves.] Uh-oh. I think went too fast. I’m almost at the end of my lesson and I still have 40 minutes of class … 80 minutes of choir is a long time! What do I do, what do I do?! Okay … time for a name game … stand them up and make a circle. Wow – 42 kids is a tight fit in this room. Now, quick – make up a game!”

The sixth day …
“The third day of middle school choir and I only had 5 minutes extra at the end. Much better than 40. Still, 80 minutes is a long time. I think I’ll need to collect a bag of tricks … anything to grab their attention when they start getting squirrelly. And how to get the three boys in front to stop knocking each other over? Hmmm … ah well, I’ve got two days. Tomorrow – high school choir!”

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  1. Wow, you had an interesting first few days. You’re a great teacher, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it, plus you can learn quite a bit along the way. Good luck, Lillis!🙂 Christy


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