The JOY of Teaching!

Thursday: the almost-weekend day. Except today. No school on Friday means Thursday is Friday, and if Thursday is Friday, then everyone has "long weekend" on the brain. At 8:45 this morning, I walked into my first 5th-grade band class. What am I teaching today? Oh yeah, review a few exercises and Hot Cross Buns, then... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Kenya – Round 2

Ladies and Gentlemen! Now entering the ring: In the blue corner - that terrible thief of time, the colossus that strikes trepidation into the hearts of teachers and students alike, it's First-Day-of-School! In the red corner - she held her ground in Round One, folks - she may be small, but she doesn't go down... Continue Reading →

An Educational Quandary

A question for teachers and interested student-types. What do you do when, in a high school assembly, the principal of your school says this: "I'm well aware that prom is this Saturday. Tickets of course are still on sale. Now, I think I should take a moment to say something important here about prom night.... Continue Reading →

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