An Educational Quandary

A question for teachers and interested student-types.

What do you do when, in a high school assembly, the principal of your school says this:

“I’m well aware that prom is this Saturday. Tickets of course are still on sale. Now, I think I should take a moment to say something important here about prom night. Some of you may decide to get together before the prom. I know that sometimes there are pre-prom events, perhaps dinner. I know too that sometimes there is alcohol at these events. Now, I’m not condoning it, but if you choose to partake and then choose to come to prom, just make sure you’re not conspicuous. Not that I’m condoning it, because I’m not. But, if you do, please be smart and don’t mess up the prom experience for the others who are there.”

Don’t be “conspicuous?” I’m not condoning it, but “be smart?” Is this not a mixed message? When the principal speaks, he appears to be speaking for the rest of the faculty and board as well. Is this really the message that we want to give the kids? It is a message I’ve heard in college, but should this be the message in high school too? As a teacher, how should you respond?


4 thoughts on “An Educational Quandary

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  1. First, pray.

    Then, perhaps have a talk with the principal?

    That’s a tough one. But not too tough for God.

    I will be praying along with you.

    God will help!


  2. This, Lillis, is just a tiny tip of the iceberg which is filled with a much GREATER and deeper cultural problem that has been eating away at the fabric of our society for every generation since Adam like cancer making us first sick, then sicker and will eventurally kill us if not addressed. May God help us to respond His way; not our way. Ignoring the cancer will not make it go away. mom


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