Hard Roads

Some roads are hard by any standard. Some roads are hard because we have gotten too comfortable on the couch. Some pain hurts no matter who you are and some pain hurts because of who you are. Either way, we all walk hard roads. Right now, we seem to all be walking hard roads at the same time.

I have been grumpy with God this week. That’s a euphemism. I’ve been worse than grumpy — full of lots of negative emotions and not particularly interested in letting any of them go. Gently though, God finds his way into those angry, bitter places and speaks even when I don’t much want to listen.

In thinking about the Easter story, I am reminded that God does not ask us to do anything harder than he himself has done. He has walked the hardest of roads — of suffering, injustice, loss, and death. The One who gave us life also knows the weight of tears. And since he himself has gone ahead, he is full of compassion. He is able to give grace and strength to all those that have to walk hard roads.

Easter Saturday doesn’t officially have a name, but it is the day of waiting. It is the silence between the apparent finality of death and the victory of life. As I wait — figuratively for the resurrection, and literally for the end of lockdown and this pandemic — I will sing:

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