“When the storm comes, will you reject the rain if it falls not soft?

If it falls not tame?”

Sickness is certain in living. Heartbreak is sure in all loving. Death is the door at the end of each path. That these things are true doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the heart’s response to each. When sickness invades the body, where is our hope? When the heart shatters in a thousand pieces, what do we do with the debris? When death comes to claim what has always been his, where is joy?

In the last month, there has been a flood of hard news. Hard news from friends and hard news from family (not to mention the headlines, some of which have struck close to home). Between my dad being diagnosed with cancer and my grandfather passing away, there have been a number of other struggles to work through. It has been a pensive few weeks. Lots of emotion. Some tears.

Sickness, heartbreak, death … I’m not quite ready or able to process it all in this space. I will however share a song that I have been playing on repeat. Here is “Bend” by Ben Sollee.

“Are you strong enough to bend?

Yes, don’t stand against the wind, ’cause you know you’re gonna break.”

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