Kids say the darndest things

Even the big ones.

[Scene: IB Music class.  Me sitting at a table with seven 17- and 18-year-olds.  Textbooks are open and we are discussing the music of Europe from the Middle Ages until about 1750.]

Andy: If you could have lived in a time period other than now, just to see what it was like, which one would you choose?

Ted: I would have liked to be rich and educated …

Lou: [interrupting] Umm, if you were rich then you were educated.  They kind of went together back then.

Ted: Okay fine, then I would have wanted to get educated so I could get rich.

Me: Mmm, remember, upward mobility was rather difficult in that era.  The class structure was much more rigid than it is now.

Lou: [laughing at Ted] Unless you wanted to be a superstar castrato.  You could get rich that way.  Go back then, get castrated, be a star tenor in all the operas.  That was moving up. [Ted drops the point and gives his best friend a withering look.]

Sarah: I’m kind of curious about the Renaissance.

Lou: [Ignoring Sarah] I think … I would have liked to have lived in the ’80s.

[Blank stares from most of the group.  I’m starting to laugh on the inside.]

Andy: As in, the 1980s?

Lou: Yeah.  They had such awesome music back then.

Andy: Ms. Lillis, weren’t you around in the 80s?

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