Musical May – wrapping up a school year

We made it – school is out!

So what happened in May? Many, many concerts. At school, we had a concert every week. Add to that several extra-curricular music festivals which I had to either attend or sing in, and altogether it was a highly musical month. I have uploaded a few video clips so you can get an idea of what all went on.

First week of May: High School concert.
Sadly, I don’t have any great clips of this event. My camera man (a 9th grade student) apparently needed a little more training.

Second week of May: “An Evening with the Creative Arts”
This concert was a tribute and farewell to several faculty that are leaving this year. I got roped into doing a number with the drama teacher. And yes … I forgot the words in the second verse.

Third week of May: Middle School Concert
We did a wide variety of pieces for this one. Biggest lesson of the semester: don’t go crazy with choralography. Middle school kids are the least coordinated age group in the school. We didn’t do much movement on this song and that may be why it sounded better than the other others.


Final week of May: Elementary Concert
This concert was actually two – we divided the upper from lower elementary. Since I taught both 4th and 5th grade, I had plenty to prep for this event.

All three of my 4th grade classes each played two recorder pieces. I had introduced recorders at the beginning of April, so we had spent a little less than two months on the instrument. They went from nothing to this, and I am still proud of their progress!


The 5th grade choir made me proud too. This is their first ever attempt at 2-part homophony, and it definitely took work to get to this point. It won’t win any awards, but it was an experience most of them will not forget.


So that is May in a nutshell. Though it was a good semester, I’m glad my first year of teaching is now behind me. I learned many lessons that I hopefully won’t have to re-learn in my second year. And now, the joy of summer break!

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  1. hope you're enjoying your travels!

    i couldn't even tell you forgot the words in your solo. you are a truly pro performer.


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