Redeeming threads

I've always loved the game of Hidden Pictures: that corner of the Highlights kids' magazine where you stare at two nearly identical pictures and try to spot all the differences between them.  Stained glass is a little like that game - there's always more to see than just the picture.  There is the picture of... Continue Reading →

The C-Word

Four months ago today, a doctor looked me in the eye and told me I had cancer. Truthfully, he was looking down at the open file folder on his desk when he said it, but he caught my stunned eyes by the end of the sentence.  He didn't seem nervous or sad, nor was he... Continue Reading →

On African Color (part 2)

We met them at the airport.  It was two o'clock in the afternoon and they had been traveling for twenty-six hours.  "You made it!  Karibuni!  Karibu New York!  Sasa?  Umeamka?  Poa!  I'm so glad you all are here!"  We gathered the group of twenty-eight travel-weary singers towards one side of the arrivals hall and waited... Continue Reading →

Gone Home – Reversing Polarity

Fact of the day: the earth's geomagnetic fields sometimes change direction. It's true. The current geological powers-that-be haven't quite figured out what causes it, but it does happen. If it changed this year (which is unlikely) and any of you in the US decided to use a hand-bearing compass to go find the cool volcano... Continue Reading →

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