The Wrong Way to be Right

The two girls could not look at each other anymore.  Their faces were flushed and their eyes full of angry tears.  One stood facing me with her arms crossed and foot thrust forward.  The other stood with slumped shoulders, clutching her elbow and shifting her weight side to side as she looked through the window... Continue Reading →

Changing the world

Samuel Johnson - British author and critic in the late 1700's - once wrote, "Whoever surveys the world must see many things that give him pain." This afternoon, when I came home from school, Benson opened the gate for me as he usually does. I stopped on my way in and rolled down the window.... Continue Reading →

it is enough

I met a man on the side of a mountain. We met at a narrow pass where only one could walk at a time - I going up and he, down. Behind him, the dusty trail snaked skyward. We both paused and he looked at me with an expectant smile. Trying to hide my annoyance, I... Continue Reading →

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